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New York Comic Con and New York Anime Fest: Day Two

Hey everyone this is DJ Helsing from Gaia Online with an update from the Gaia Events at New York Comic-Con 2010. Just a few weeks ago hundreds of Gaians and fans of the popular arts gathered in New York City for New York Comic-Con a celebration of the popular arts. As a part of this momentous event Gaia Online was happy to be hosting a number of different panels and activities as well as being host to the first ever live webcast of the ever popular Comic-Con Masquerade, a costume contest featuring the best cosplayers of Comic-Con.


The convention was huge with Gaians and fans traveling from all around the world to be a part of this historic annual event. There were panels, booths, activities and events covering all aspects of the popular arts including comics, television, movies, anime, manga and video games. Not only were there companies promoting their works but there was also a huge artist ally and small press segment where aspiring writers and artists showcased their work. In the mist of all the action there was also a variety of dealers selling all sorts of unique merchandise. There was definitely something for everybody at the event.

Saturday was host to not just one but two big Gaia Online events. The first was the Gaia Online Industry Panel. The panel was a huge success with hundreds of Gaians showing up hours before to get in line to ensure themselves a spot at the panel. Once the doors opened everyone filed into their chairs and were treated to a special presentation full of sneak peeks and exclusive first looks. Attendees got a sneak peak at future game and story updates as well as a glimpse at future updates to zomg. After the presentation attendees were also the first ever to get a 60 second glance at an image of a new world that Gaians will be able to explore and adventure through in a brand new game that Gaia is currently in production of.


Not only were attendees able to get a sneak peek at new features and updates but they were also able to participate in a variety of crazy contests and giveaways. Throughout the panel there were a variety of crazy contests and competitions where attendees would compete for the audience vote and hope to be rewarded with popular Gaia Online virtual items for their avatars. These contests were completely “Random” and “Awesome” and were all the rave with attendees talking all about them after the event both on and offline.


The second Gaia Online event on Saturday was the first ever live webcast of the New York Comic-Con Masquerade. Thousands of Gaia Online users tuned in online to watch the Masquerade live and to participate in numerous contests and promotions to win exclusive virtual items. In addition all viewers had the opportunity to vote for the winner of the “Gaia’s Choice Award” a special prize granted to Gaia’s favorite masquerade participant. The event was a ton of fun with high energy performances, amazing costumes and hilarious skits. It was a blast for all both online and in real life.


Sunday brought around the final Gaia event of the weekend, the Gaia Variety Hour, a compilation of crazy contests and challenges. The event was a blast with hundreds of Gaians showing up and lining up before the event to ensure themselves a seat. Once the event started there was nonstop cheering and laughing throughout the event while contestants competed in the wackiest challenges including pokey eating contests, robot dance offs, kung fu show offs and even a recreation of the Gaia flash game “Booty Grab.” There were many winners chosen and a few lucky attendees walked away a Gaia millionaire.

At the end of the weekend we were exhausted but had an absolute blast. New York Comic-Con and the Gaia Events were a huge success and a ton of fun. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hanging out. I’m really looking forward to 2011 and all the future Gaia events and hope to see you there.

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