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Anime Central 15th Anniversary: The Countdown Begins!

Happy Halloween everyone! Power Surge is back to get you guys pumped up for an extremely special event that’s coming up! On April 27-29, 2012, Anime Central will host its 15th anniversary convention! Though we’re only 6 months away, ACen 2012 is promising to be beyond amazing! Little by little, ACen is broadcasting news of the special events that will go on during the anniversary celebration. Recently, the big news is the return of the convention’s formal ball: The Crystal Ball. I attended Anime Central last year and I had a great time there and I’m even more excited for the Anniversary. To get you guys pumped up for the con here’s a look back at last year’s fun!


Being one of the biggest anime conventions in the Midwest, Anime Central always delivers an insane number of panels, guests, events and more!


Guests at ACen 2011 were plentiful and included fan favorites such as Colleen Clinkenbeard (Riza Hawkeye in FMA), Stephanie Sheh (Orihime in Bleach), Spike Spencer (Shinji in Neon Genesis Evangelion) and even famous X-Japan drummer Yoshiki (too bad I didn’t get to see him)!


As always, the Masquerade was full of amazing, mind-blowing cosplay and hilarious skits!


For some reason everyone got hooked on pasta during the Masquerade. Throughout the entire show cries for “Pasta!” were rampant! We couldn’t get enough of the pasta! PASTA!


Of course what is an anime convention without numerous otaku in awesome cosplay? According to ACen’s website, the attendance for 2011 spiked at 64,239 with 23,353 first time attendees!


ACen 2011 was a great year but next year promises to be a year no one will ever forget. Get excited Kalamari Kastle fans because the next 6 months of anticipation will pay off when the doors to ACen reopen! Don’t forget to keep checking Anime Central’s website at www.acen.org for more details as the months go by! Also, go ahead and check out the many pictures I took at ACen to get you ready for next year!

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